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Our House Rules


The house rules regulate the coexistence of all roommates in the house. It contains rights and obligations. It applies to all residents. Without a certain level of order, it is not possible for several people to live together under one roof. Everyone will only feel comfortable if all guests show consideration for one another.

check in

On the day of arrival, the guest must fill out a guest file for the purpose of registration with the tourism authority. The guest must also pay the applicable amount before moving into the room.

Noise and safety

The night quiet time from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. must be observed. Please keep the noise level at room level during this time so that other guests are not disturbed.

Please double check to make sure the main entrance and room door are closed at night. This is for your own safety. Please note that you do not obstruct the common area for other guests. Open fires, candles, smoking etc. are strictly prohibited. In an emergency, please call the emergency number (tel. 122) and then the hotel staff as quickly as possible.


Guests are asked to take care of their own property and valuables that they leave in the accommodation. The owner is not responsible for any disappearances. We would like to point out that the windows and doors must be closed when leaving.

It is prohibited to bring weapons, flammable or explosive substances and products with an unpleasant smell.

When guests leave the room, they are asked to turn off the lights and electrical devices and the tap. Please do not leave the air conditioning turned on when you leave the room. You are requested to ensure that windows and doors are closed while the air conditioning is running. It is not permitted to cool food or drinks under running water. In addition, disposing of garbage in the toilet and other places not intended for this purpose is prohibited.

We would like to remind you not to forget the key in the lock. Otherwise a locksmith must be appointed and the costs must be borne by the guest.


Smoking is prohibited throughout our building. The fire alarm can be triggered. In the event of a violation, the guest will be charged an amount of 440 euros.

Damage and cleanliness

Please note that the rooms at the Urban Hotel Vienna will be handed over to you clean and tidy upon check-in. The guest is responsible for keeping the booked room in good condition during his stay. Any waste generated may only be thrown into the containers and containers provided for this purpose (please note our conditions). If the room is handed over in an extremely dirty or even damaged condition upon check-out, Urban Hotel Vienna reserves the right to charge the guest for cleaning and repairs to the room. If damage to hotel property occurs due to improper use, the costs will be borne by the guest.

Please use hotel property and room furnishings properly to avoid unnecessary costs. Guests are not permitted to move furniture or room furnishings or transport them from one room to another (this includes, for example, carrying armchairs and tables from the kitchen to other rooms).


Animals are only allowed with the consent of Urban Hotel Vienna! Bringing pets without our consent is not permitted and Urban Hotel Vienna reserves the right to cancel the reservation in such cases. The owner of the animal is liable for any damage caused by the pets. You also undertake to clean up your pet's excrement - this applies both inside and outside your room.

Free WiFi/Internet

We offer you free WLAN/Wi-Fi in each of our rooms. Urban Hotel Vienna is not liable for any illegal actions you cause on the Internet.

check out

On the day of your departure, please leave the room before 11:00 a.m. Please leave the room in the same condition as you received it -

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